Need a quality hotel in South Africa at a reasonable price? At Flight Hunter we provide you with the best options for accommodation instantly. We provide local accommodation options within South Africa as well as options abroad in numerous destinations worldwide. Best of all, you can book your accommodation immediately – you won’t ever have to speak to a booking agent again!


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Fill out the following details on our online booking form on this page:

  1. Select your destination city
  2. Select your check-in date
  3. Select your check-out date
  4. Then choose the number of adults and children
  5. Select a hotel rating according to your budget requirements.
  6. Should you have a specific hotel in mind, enter its name in the field provided. Alternatively, leave this blank for a more general search.


As soon as you’ve supplied us with the abovementioned details and have clicked ‘Search for Hotels’, you’ll be presented with a very handy map of the destination you are planning on visiting.

On this map you’ll see hotel icons (featured in red) and you’ll easily be able to see their location in terms of the surrounding areas. Should you be interested in a particular hotel featured on the map, simply move your mouse over the red icon to view the cost and further details. You can also click it to read more about the hotel.

Hotel South Africa

Alternatively, the search results below the map are automatically structured from lowest cost to most expensive. Each hotel listing provides you with the cost per night, details of facilities, address as well as star or crown rating. If you click ‘Show Details’ below the hotel you are interested in, you’ll obtain further details including the costs per the type of room as well as images of the hotel or the accommodation itself. You’ll also be able to read information provided from that hotel directly which lists the hotel’s amenities, nearby attractions as well as recommendations for transport to and from the closest airport.

Hotel SA

You can also scroll through large images to see what the hotel looks like and to get a better idea of the accommodation before you make the final booking.

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If you have certain requirements when it comes to your desired accommodation, simply make use of the filter on the left-hand side of the page (just below the booking form). You can filter your search according to rating, facilities, price range, hotel name and hotel chain. These filters will help you refine your search.

Hotel South Africa


Once you’ve found the hotel you desire, select your rooms and then view the hotel breakdown. This will include the final costs as well as the dates you intend on staying. Click ‘Book’ to confirm and then follow all the relevant steps (provide your details, address and payment information). Your payment will be processed immediately and safely and securely. Hotel South Africa here you come!

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